Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016-08-18, Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse

2016 - The Big Trip West

-To visit all the places we have lived through the western USA and all the friends that have scattered. For under US $50. per day? (Average?)

2016-08-18, DAY 15
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial
Distance Walked: 4.2 miles / 6.8 Km  
Elevation gain: 444 feet / 135 meters
Distance this trip on new Subaru Outback 2109 miles / 3394 Kilometers
US $. --  Food 88.     Petrol 0.     Lodging 33.     Fees 0.     Misc. 0. 

This day included a famous U.S. National Memorial and an American Indian memorial still being carved out of the mountain.

Everyone has seen better pictures of Mt. Rushmore than I can take, so I will not bore you with too many of mine.
One minor point first.  When you think you know what some text is saying, it is easy to read it and substitute what you think it says to what it really is.  I always thought Mt. Rushmore was a National Monument.  When I visited and read through all their Interpretive displays, I always read them as National Monument.  I am sitting in a Starbucks in Benicia California composing this blog.  I JUST found out that Rushmore is a National Memorial!  While going through my pictures I found the above benchmark photo.  It clearly reads "Mount Rushmore National Monument, 2010".

U.S. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln

It is interesting to note that I have seen pictures of this site before work started on carving out "The Heads".   In that photo, the area below where The Heads are now was just forest.  As you can see, the forests have been over run by the tons of rocks carved off the mountain to sculpt the busts.

Holly playing a game showing the un-completed busts,   To play, you select the spot where you want to set off dynamite, and it plays a video of the actual blast!

Looking at the picts, you can almost hear the kid to her right saying "Git out of the way Grandmaw, and let a professional show you how to do it!

One last view as we leave The Heads.  I don't even think they noticed that we were leaving!

Onward to Crazy Horse Memorial just down the road.  This is a project by a group of American Indians with no blessings or money from the United States government.

This thing is HUGE!  All the busts of Mt. Rushmore can fit in the outstretched hand.  Or at least they will be able to when they finish caring the hand!

Unfortunately, American Indians do not have the huge income advantages based on taxing the minerals and oil U.S. companies extract from land stolen from them.  So all the work is being done by one family!  It would be nice if they had more funding so that it could be completed before the projected completion date of 2476.


After leaving Crazy Horse, we traveled to our next overnight stop where Holly found this nice idea for a fire pit.  It looks easy to construct, inexpensive, and effective at controlling the flame.

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